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Here are a few of our favorite Boat / Boating Clubs & Forums.  Some of these are links to links.  We cannot address their content, but think you will find them useful.  Once you click on a button you will leave our site.  Use the back button on your browser to return.
This page was last updated on: November 3, 2008
The link below is to the Penn Yan Tunnel Drive Forum.  It primarily deals with issues related to Penn Yan's of the 60's, 70's & 80's.
The link below is to Yachting Magazine's Engines Forum.  Their site is known as Yachting Net.
The link below is to Internet Boats General Forum.  They are a site that primarily lists boats for sale.
The link below is to Motorboat & Yachting message board.  This mostly a United Kingdom used resource.
The link below is to the Jersey Coast Anglers Association site.  They are a site that  promotes recreational fishing and conservation in New Jersey.
The link below is to the Bayliner Owners Club.  It covers not only web based club items but has technical resources as well.  This includes several forums on issues to owners.

The link below is to the Bayliner Owners Club Technical Forum, it has a high view rate, and is visited by more than Baylainer owners.  It is hosted by George Van Parys, owner of Dolphin Marine Service.
The link below is to the Boating Education Forum,  It is new, but has several well known forum hosts, including, Les Hall, Greg Group, Mike Ryan, and George Van Parys
The link below is to the Cape May NJ Fishing Club.  Dedicated to fishing at the New Jersey Cape and Delaware Bay.
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