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205 Pennsylvania Ave.  Fortescue, NJ 08321

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The link below is to  It covers not only maps to Fortescue New Jersey, but driving directions as well.
This page was last updated on: November 3, 2008
The link below is to  The largest database in the world.  It will take you to a satellite image of Fortescue, New Jersey.  While there you may want to find your own home.
The photo to the right is a shot of Fortescue, New Jersey.  This is where our fabrication and repair facilities are located.  In the foreground you can see a portion of the Fortescue State Marina.  Fortescue is bracketed by 100,000 + acres of salt marsh behind it, and the 21 mile wide 43 mile long Delaware Bay in front of it.  We sometimes refer to it the last bastion of humanity
So why would anyone want to be in such a remote location.  It happens to be one of the few locations on the east coast of the US, where you get this view at sunset.  The Delaware Bay can be a place of great beauty.  However for those who have been on it in a storm, it can be a nightmare.