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There is a line from StarTrek that states something like, "Since before your sun burned bright in the heavens, and before the dawn of your race, I have awaited a question."

Well we have not been waiting that long, but we have been involved with the marine industry for over 20 years.

We welcome your questions on marine issues whether it is a general question or a technical one.

We do not claim to be experts in all fields.  Nor can we promise to be correct on all issues.  But we will try to:

A)Give you an opinion.

B)Tell you we don't know.

C)Sugguest another source for the information.

Remember the old saying about opinions, "Everyone has one, and most don't agree on them."

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So after reading all that you still want to ask your question, click the button below and send us an E-mail.  Please remember to add us to your address file or we will not be able to return a responce to you if you have AOL anti-spam enabled.
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