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Engine Winterizing Schedule
OutboardInboardInboard / Outboard
3 Cylinders$60.004 Cylinders$100.004 Cylinders$105.00
4 Cylinders$70.006 Cylinders$105.006 Cylinders$110.00
6 Cylinders$80.008 Cylinders$110.008 Cylinders$115.00
The above pricing includes the following (under normal conditions):

Engine run out of water to promote zero exhaust backpressure.  While running, boat's fuel line is removed and replaced with special pressurized line from winter mixture storage tank.  Fuel system and carburetors filled with winterizing mixture.  Mixture is a blend of special solvents, oils, and rust inhibitors to stabilize the engine.  A thermostat access point is removed and antifreeze is added directly to the block and water pump to retard freezing.  Additionally, where applicable:

Lower units drained and refilled with gear oilEngine block oil and filter changed
Canister type fuel filters replaced         New Champion spark plugs supplied
Block coated with anti-corrosion lubricant    All grease fittings and linkages lubricated
Fuel tanks are treated with fuel stabilizer      Lower units covered in shrink-wrap

Ask About Additional Services to Protect Your Investment

Shrink Wrapping Available for Your Boat $5.00 per foot of boat length

Winter Storage Rate varies with boat size

Power WashingRate varies with amount of time

Wet Sand Blasting   Rate varies with amount of time

Trailering Rate varies with distance

Lifting and BlockingRate varies with boat size

This page was last updated on: November 3, 2008